Beads and Drums

Melissa helped improve one school's latrines and built a VIP latrine for another school. The following is her account:

I'm studying on being a global citizen for school, so I want to be one.

Charity: a goodwill toward humanity.  It is an act or feeling of generosity.  Charities give help to the poor.

I want to start a charity because I see people going to the bathroom everywhere.  I smell yucky smells everywhere that pollute the air.  I feel grossed out and sick when this happens.

Goal:  to buy and build toilets for the church, ventilation pipes for finishing the toilets at my school, and mosquito screens for trapping the flies so they won't spread sicknesses.

Who are we?

President:  Melissa Wiebe
Vice President:  Emma Wiebe
Secretary:  Becky Wiebe
Treasurer:  Kevin Wiebe

I need this committee for running my organization and planning.


Click on the button above to make a charitable donation to Latrines for Ghana*.

If you prefer to send a cheque, make it payable to Upstream, attach a note designating 'Latrines for Ghana', and mail it to:

Upstream - Latrines for Ghana
37780 Dawson Rd
Abbotsford, BC  V3G 2K9

*Latrines for Ghana is not currently a registered charity, but a project under Upstream Christian Initiatives Society (charitable registration number:  132058116RR0001)



The old school toilet - don't slip on the sticks!

The new latrine.

Construction begins.

The village school.

Melissa and Levi are painting the pipes, their Papa is working on the roof, Stephen (left) is the mason, and Fidelis is the water filter technician who is a great help for other things too.


We installed two ventilation pipes and mosquito screens to trap the flies in and keep them out so they don't carry diseases.  It would be fun to paint it too.

In front of the latrines there are boys and girls urinals.




Right now the toilets at the church are half finished.  There is one huge pit that goes down very deep and it scares me because if I fall in it would be painful.  It is very unsafe.  I hope we can get it fixed as soon as possible. 

There are two toilets.  We need one ventilation pipe, mosquito screens, doors, a roof, plaster, a floor and two toilets.

2007 update:  The latrine is finished!